During his time in Topeka, Rob has a numbef of important accomplishments, including:
  • Kelsey Smith Act, HB 2393, passed in the 2007 legislative session. Phil Kline introduced me to Greg and Missey Smith. I had the pleasure of getting to know the family really well and was honored to be the Representative that got to introduce and pass this bill in Kansas. It has since been passed in many other states and because of this has saved thousands of lives!
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Bill, HB 2744, I did the work in the Senate to get it passed. It was very important for me and my constituents personally.
  • SB 91 repealed the renewable energy standards act and changed it to a gold. It also removed the permanent property tax exemptions from wind turbines to make them have a ten year tax exemption like all other power generating sources.
  • I got to be an instrumental person in passing Senate Bill 32 that would allow Kansas Farm Bureau to offer its members health benefit plans.
  • I have supported all Pro-life, Pro-family values, tax reductions, and second amendment legislation all 16 years that I have been able to serve the people of Kansas.
  • I have fought for fiscal and social conservative principles.