Rob Olson Files for Re-Election

Senator Rob Olson, Republican of Olathe, has filed for re-election to represent District 23. Olson has served in the Senate since 2010.

Olson's record is one of consistently championing conservative values.

"Over the course of the last decade, I have stood firm on behalf of fiscally responsible budgets, putting more money in the pockets of our citizens, and for a culture of life. During these unprecedented times, we need leaders who will continue to stand strong for the principles we hold dear," said Olson.

As we move towards 2021, Olson said the focus must be on rebuilding the economy and getting people back to work.

"Businesses have been forced to close and unemployment is at staggering levels. Our focus moving forward must be on helping these businesses get back up and running and our economy going again, so our families can put food on the table."

The Republican Primary is on Tuesday, August 4th. The General Election is on November 3rd.