A 4th generation Repbulican, Rob has demonstrated a strong record in support of education, economic development, lower taxes, traditional family values, and the right to life.

Heading into this election, here are Rob's priorities going forward:


My top priority is helping Olathe families get back on their feet. I have been a consistent advocate for property tax reform and reducing sales taxes on Kansans - especially the tax on food. We must now move quickly to make this happen.


As Kansans re-opens safely, it is imperative we do what is necessary to get our economy moving again and Kansans back to work. From helping existing businesses to helping Kansas workers, we must be ready to do what is necessary to help Kansas.


The impact of the pandemic has placed a tight squeeze on state coffers, and that is likely to continue for some time. If the people of Kansas are tightening their belts, government must do the same.